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1. A new high-performance dynamic driver made of liquid crystal polymer and polyurethane composite vibration mode andhigh-efficiency external magnetic circuit.

2. The housing is made of TC4 aero space titanium alloy cutting cavity and gold-plated faceplate.

3. Damping are set at many cavity vents, repeated adjusting for the balance value, so that the vibration of the diaphragm is limited to low linear distortion.

4. Comes with the specially developed 24AWG coaxial litz single crystal copper cable, which has ultra-low parasitic inductance, which is beneficial to bring a pure sound quality.


Impedance: 24Ω±15%

Frequency response range: 20-40kHz

Effective frequency response: 20-20kHz

Sensitivity: 124dB/1mW


Natural frequency: 120Hz/FF

Cable: 24AWG single crystal copper & silver-plated shield

Plug: 3.5/4.4/2.5mm direct plug

Quality control range: ±1dB

Transducer: φ13.5mm external magnetic

Material of diaphragm: liquid crystal polymer LCP&PU

Cavity: TC4 titanium alloy & gold-plated brass


1. CHACONNE earbuds * 1

2. Foam ear-tips * 12

3. Storage bag * 1

4. Ear-tips recommended card * 1

5. Name Card * 1

6. QC Certificate * 1