Founded in 2015, Chengdu Shuiyueyu Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese science and technology company that integrates industrial creativity and design, technological research and development, mass-production, and multi-channel marketing. Its MOONDROP brand has received high praise and is trusted by consumers for its excellent performance and unique design.

MOONDROP’s business covers smart audio equipment, portable audio equipment, digital DAC/AMP, software services and ACGN (Animation, Comics, Games and Short Novel) products. The company’s research laboratories are fully equipped with top-class international acoustic measurement equipment, leveraging cutting-edge R&D technology based on high-precision 3D printing and software simulation. Supported by a comprehensive operation framework and supply-chain system, its business covers more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

The MOONDROP lineup includes in-ear earphones (dynamic driver & balanced armature), in-ear earbuds, custom earphones, etc. In addition to receiving numerous international awards, in 2021 MOONDROP was rated one of the “Top 10 Hi-Fi headphones and digital audio brands in China” by the China Electronic Audio Association. The MOONDROP corporate philosophy is “Constant innovation based on science and technology, and the improvement of services for the benefit of the consumer.” The company is committed to breaking through the technical barriers of the industry, applying advanced technology to electronic audio equipment, and integrating high-quality audio systems into smart wearable devices.

Promoting Headlthy Industry Development

Through investment, acquisition and strategic cooperation, MOONDROP works with many companies in different sectors to broaden horizons and attain common goals. It also cooperates actively with industry, developers, academia and industry standards organizations, building an industry-university-research cooperation base with Chinese universities, research institutions and professionals to accelerate the transformation of knowledge and promote win-win cooperation and fair competition in the industry. As a positive contribution to the industry, MOONDROP has invested significant human and material resources in technology R&D in pursuit of technology and performance improvements. In addition to cooperation with leading companies in the industry, MOONDROP is dedicated to the attainment of higher-quality sound through the application of new materials and technologies.

Dedication And Commitment of MOONDROP

MOONDROP is dedicated to the integration of technologies from various fields with the R&D of new products, and actively explores new technologies, new materials and new processes. It owns a number of patents in telecommunications technology and design. MOONDROP plans to further increase investment in innovation, explore the frontiers of science and technology, test new theories, new structures and new technologies, and support the long-term sustainable development of the industry.

Grasping The Opportunities Of A New Technological Era

MOONDROP utilizes its own self-developed electric miniature electro-acoustic transducers, electrostatic electro-acoustic transducers, and a complete range of patented technologies developed to achieve the target acoustic indices.

MOONDROP has created an international-benchmark testing and measurement environment equipped with top-level equipment including an Audio Precision APx555 audio analyzer and B&K Type4128c HATS (Head And Torso Simulator) to facilitate accurate audio analysis and electro-acoustic testing, and provide reliable support for theoretical research and product development. As an integral part of this technological environment, MOONDROP has built a million-class dust-free workshop to meet the demanding production and R&D requirements. MOONDROP has also set up a software and hardware development team focusing on Bluetooth modules, thus enabling MOONDROP’s TWS implementation to match international benchmark standards while maintaining the lowest consumer prices possible.

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