MOONDROP Co., located in Haixia Science and Technology Park, Wenjiang District, Chengdu, China, specializes in the Design, R&D, Manufacture, Sales and Service of electro-acoustic products. Founded in 2015, the company is committed to continuous innovation and progress. Its electro-acoustic brand MOONDROP has become a by word for superb performance and unique design. The company’s products are sold in more than 30 provinces and regions in China, and through trade channels in North America, Europe and other countries. The award-winning MOONDROP brand is especially popular in South Korea, Japan and other Asian regions.

Technology is Fundamental

Since the foundation of the company, this principle has been the bed-rock and guiding light of our research and development.

In addition to improving the performance of electro-acoustic transducers, our R&D team is constantly striving todevelop new transducers, with the goal of creating audio products with outstanding performance.

Over the past few years we have not only established an R&D capability for traditional wired headphones, but also a design and development capability for miniature electric electro-acoustic transducers, electrostatic electro-acoustic transducers, and multi-driver composite balance armature and multiple transducer hybrid earphones.

Break the Mold and Seize the Opportunity

Keeping pace with the increasing popularity of smart devices, we are actively pursuing our own R&D in the field of smart earphones.

Our series of smart earphones, traditional High-End HiFi earphones, and high cost-performance earphones for the consumer market, in addition to a significant investment in R&D, has established MOONDROP as an industry-leading brand.

Technical Superiority

Over the course of several years, our R&D team steadily accumulated knowledge and expertise in the international electro-acoustic field, acquired valuable experience through experimentation, joined the International Association of Audio Engineers, and participated in international electro-acoustic technology seminars.

It has achieved high accuracy and reliability in technical analysis of performance parameters and indices of electro-acoustic products and electro-acoustic devices. We skillfully leverage high-precision 3D printing equipment, the world's finest electro-acoustic measuring equipment, and meticulous software simulations to create a comprehensive product R&D process.

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