The members of our team love the audioindustry, are fascinated by technology, demand the highest performance, andstand with our users. We are a unique team in today's electro-acousticindustry, and we have created many products that have ultimate and unmatchedperformance.

We embrace innovation, and are notconcerned with those who imitate us. Many of our products have been copied byother brands, but they have never been able to match our performance. We areproud of this but at the same time we are aware of the dangers of complacency.We always adhere to the supreme requirement of producing products that areunrivalled and unexcelled in the market.This is the team that constitutes ourenterprise. It will continue to grow in the future, striving to achieveinternational renown as a top-class electro-acoustic brand.


CEO & Chief R&D Engineer

A versatile earphone engineer, the CEO of MOONDROP, who is senior audiophile and has independently brought a number of benchmark earphones, many of which had won awards and became the best seller at the same price tier catalog. 7 years rich experience in electroacoustic product research and development and the project management.


Acoustic Engineer

specializing in the acoustic theory and psychoacoustics, transducer and acoustic structure, linear and nonlinear distortion analysis in electroacoustic area related to earphone, speakers, and extensively covers many fields, proficient in acoustic measurement data analysis and audio analysis. 6 years' experience in electroacoustic industry, 13 years' experience as an influential audiophile and active in various SNS.


Hardware Stacking Engineer

Focus on the structural stacking of smart devices, master the structural design, process design and structural simulation of a variety of electroacoustic products including wireless smart earphones, and he had participated in and designed the structures and processes of many international first-class brand earphones. 13 years experience in mold design, intelligent device structure, connector structure, and plate structure. 4 years experience in wireless earphones /TWS design. And he has acted as a structural engineer in a well-known domestic electroacoustic PLC.


IEM Structural Engineer

Rich experience in structural design of wired earphones, involved in structural design of many popular wired earphones and award-winning products, proficient in physical filter structure design and driver stacking of multi-drivers earphones, good at verifying earphone structure through 3D printing, and proficient in application and maintenance of 3D printing equipment; 3 years working experience in earphone structure design.


Electronic Engineer

Responsible for the hardware development of TWS electronic circuit, audio decoder, amplifier, power supply and charging circuit and kernel source code development, proficient in analog circuit, digital circuit and embedded software and hardware development.


Process Engineer

Responsible for product parts, structural parts, manufacturing fixture design and engineering machine verification, product manufacturing workmanship design, proficient in all kinds of parts processing technology, holding the operation certificates of turning-milling machining, three-axis machining and five-axis machining center.


Graphic Designer

Two years' experience in website interface design and Android interface design, proficient in website interface and Android interface UI design, three years' experience in the graphic industry, with unique skillful design ideas and software drawing skills.



Specializing in E-commerce products and commercial photography, with 7 years of experience in product photography. Proficient in film editing, and unique insights into art.


Design Director

Senior designer, engaged in business for more than 20 years, and worked as design director of several commercial design companies. Involved in the industry of graphic design, print media, space design, photography, design teaching, etc. His graphic design, brand design, packaging, influential Cafe and other design projects has won much-praised.

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