MOONDROP Drawing Art
You are allowed to download MOONDROP official draft drawings for coloring, or create your own artworks with MOONDROP official anime-drawings.
*Commercial use is forbidden. (Learn More)
Terms of Use:

(1) All character illustrations and images belong to MOONDROP and are protected by copyright. Without permission, the use of these illustrations or images for any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited, and legal action may be taken.

(2) Commercial purposes include but are not limited to: advertising, sales, and for-profit activities.

(3) For non-commercial purposes, such as personal blogs, social media, and personal collections, the use of character illustrations or images is allowed, but the source and author must be credited.

(4) MOONDROP reserve the right to pursue legal action for any acts of infringement, plagiarism, or unauthorized use.

(5) MOONDROP take intellectual property protection very seriously and hope that everyone will comply with the above regulations to maintain a good copyright environment.

**** Chengdu Shuiyueyu Technology Co., Ltd. has the final interpretation rights.

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