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1.  Adapting more solid lines,strengthening the classic design, all-aluminum CNC carved housing, andharmonious gray and white color matching, presenting a retro DASH75


2. Equipped with 9009 retro pixel style PBTkeycaps, five-sided thermal dye sublimation, retro 8 bit pixel style design


3. The optimized integrated structure of theupper cover and the mounting plate provides an even taping experience.


4. Equipped with a set of high-performance HIFI audio equipment, using 2pcsflagship CS43198 decoding chips of Cirrus Logic and 2pcs dual op-amp chips, achieving131dB dynamic range, the SNR is up to 117dB, and THD is as low as 0.0001x%.


5. DASH75 fully supports QMK and VIA, andyou’re allowed to program each key easily, which means that keyboard layout,shortcut keys, RGB, and so on can be customized by yourself.


6. Dual USB expansion interfaces, with multipledevices connecting at the same time, and keeping the concise matching for theuse of multiple scenes



Layout: 75%

Switches: 81 keys

Connectivity: USB-C

Size: 313mm * 162.47mm * 45mm

Material: Aluminum Alloy + PVC base

Extention Port: UB2.0 * 2


Built-in DAC:

Frequency Response: 6Hz – 85kHz (±1dB)

Output: 4.4mm Balanced Output, 3.5mm Single Output

Background Noise:

4.4mm: 1.5μV(AES17 20kHz)
3.5mm: 1.2μV(AES17 20kHz)


3.5mm: 123dB(A-wt)
4.4mm: 131dB(A-wt)

Output Power:

3.5mm: 2Vrms(High), 1.4Vrms(Low),
4.4mm: 4Vrms(High), 2.8Vrms(Low)


1. [DASH75] Mechanical Keyboard * 1