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1. It has an ultra-high hardness gold surface matching with gemstones, thanks to the ultra-wear-resistant tin ceramic coating is matched with five-axis finely carved titanium alloy cavity.

2. Patented 11MM high-performance dynamic driver, with ultra-high energy conversion efficiency and lightweight design.

3. The patented acoustic coupling cavity structure of the front cavity designed based on the resonance principle can effectively suppress the high-pitched burr caused by bad vibration, meanwhile, it can greatly eliminate the standing wave when controlling the bass response and transient, resulting in a smooth full-frequency response.

4. The frequency response is highly in line with the HRTF, the whole frequency phase is highly consistent, and it has ultra-low nonlinear distortion, the background is pure and clean.

5. Comes with ultra-low impedance 6N single crystal copper core coaxial cable with interchangeable plug.


[ILLUMINATION] reference flagship dynamic driver in-ear earphone

Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz (IEC60318-4)

10-50000Hz (1/4inch Free-field Mic)

Impedance: 25Ω@1kHz

Sensitivity: 124dB/Vrms @1kHz

THD: ≤0.3%

Cavity material: Five-axis cutting TC4 titanium alloy coated Tin ceramic

Transducer: patented 11mm super-efficient and high-performance composite acoustic cavity dynamic driver

Diaphragm material: LCP liquid crystal polymer dome + flexible high damping PEEK suspension

Voice coil: 0.035mm ultra-thin large black CCAW

Magnetic circuit: high-density N52 magnetic high-efficiency external magnetic circuit

Acoustic filter: patented coupled acoustic cavity structure

Cable connector: 0.78-2pin

Cable: Coaxial single crystal copper cable with copper silver-plated shielding layer with interchangeable plug.


1. ILLUMINATION earphone * 1

2. 6N single crystal copper inner core coppersilver-plated shield coaxial cable * 1

3. Interchangeable 3.5mm plug *1

4. Interchangeable 4.4mm plug *1

5. Interchangeable 2.5mm plug *1

6. Storage bag * 1

7. Tweezers * 1

8. Foam filters * 10

9. Aviation adapter * 1

10. Silicon ear tips *3 pairs (S, M, L)

11. T41 ear-tips *3 pairs (S, M, L)

12. Plug interchangeable instructions * 1

13. QC Certificate * 1

14. Manual * 1

15. Ear tips recommended Card * 1

16. Warranty card * 1