Have you been a fan/member of MOONDROP foryears and owned many MOONDROP items! Have you ever been looking forward to shareyour great photographing works with HiFi Audio lovers? Do you pursue the perfect integration of aesthetics and your photography? Now, Join MOONDROP, be a great creator, upload it and share your photographic works with us among your MOONDROP item for more clicks of your excellent works! The countless prizes is your reward!

Welcome to join us to be a photographic creator! Please fulfill in your details below for touching you more conveniently. Please note that your privacy will be taken highly valued and got protected by MOONDROP, and it won’t be shared with the third parties. For moredetails, please read the Consumers Privacy Statement.

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Matters and Terms:

1. MOONDROP has the right to askthe submitter for the creation-related certificate for verification in casethere is any resemblance in submitted photography, and owns the right to cancelthe award qualification of resembled works.

2. The submitter must own all thecopyrights of the submitted works, including the permit to use the portrait ofcharacters in the works, and some other necessary authorization permits. Importantly,Submitters must ensure that the uploaded photography does not infringe any third party's copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, trademark rights, trade name rights, and other legitimate rights, and make surethat MOONDROP won't be infringed or claimed by any third party for publishingand posting the works submitted, otherwise, the submitters shall bear all legalresponsibilities such as infringement, claims, and MOONDROP has the right tocancel the submitter's participating qualification and award-winning qualification, if the award has been issued, MOONDROP has the right to call itback, and the submitter shall compensate all losses for the organizer.

3. The submitter's behavior offilling in information and submitting photographic works shall be deemed thatthe submitter fully understand the Rules and promise to undertake these Rules.

4. The submitted works must beindependently completed by submitters themselves, and plagiarism, copying,counterfeiting, synthesis or suspected synthesis of photography are not in linewith the requirements. If the reported photography fall into the above-mentionednon-conformity rules, the award-winning qualification will be canceled afterverification, If the awards have been issued, MOONDROP has the right to callback.

5. All photographicworks and contents submitted shall not violate the laws and regulations of Countries, shall not violate public order and kind custom and moralstandards, shall not submit photography/contents containing pornography/eroticism, violence, disasters, bloodshed and other barbaric and uncivilized contents, otherwise, It will be banned, and MOONDROP has theright to transfer it to the public security organization.

6. Except as required by law, MOONDROP will not publicly leak out relevant personal information to a thirdparty without the permission of the submitter. After the announcement of thewinning-result, the winners will be notified by email. 

** Submitters should guarantee that they have independent and complete copyright in their photographic works.
*** For all submitted works, MOONDROP has the right to share them on social medias, including use publicity, exhibition, production of album, etc., without additional remuneration, MOONDROP make suregive full credit for your works.
**** Chengdu MOONDROP Technology Co.,Ltd. reserve the right of this photography event.

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