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1. 10mm dual-cavity internal magnet high performance driver combine with the first generation DLC composite diaphragm, delivering high quality rich details and crystal pure timbre.

2. Metal mold casting and CNC milling technology is in line with ergonomics, makes use of a brand-new surface coating that emphasizes its metal texture with a complex and aesthetically pleasing snowflake pattern that perfectly matches the visual theme of pure snow.

3. Uses a composite cavity, multiple tuningholes, and multiple acoustic dampers with different parameters for accurate frequency response adjustment, to deliver an exceptionally satisfying listening experience.

4. Combines HRTF and Room Response Function, offers a real timbre performance, a real  frequency distribution, and a more accurate instrumental timbre.

5. Comes with a replaceable 6N oxygen-freecopper silver-plated cable with a high-permeability insulating protectivelayer.


[Aria SE] High-Performance Diamond-Like Diaphragm Dynamic Driver In-Ear Earphone

Earphone Port: 0.78pin

Sensitivity: 119dB/Vrms (@1kHz)

Impedance: 32Ω±15% (@1kHz)

Frequency response range: 15Hz - 50kHz

Effective frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz


1. [Aria SE] earphone * 1

2. 6N oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable * 1

3. White storage box * 1

4. Silicone ear-tips * 3 pairs (S, M, L)

5. Spring tips * 3 pairs (S, M, L)

6. QC passed card * 1

7. Manual * 1