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1. Alloy casting housing 10mm dynamic driver composite cavity structure Nano-crystalline coating composite diaphragm.

2.JIU, the successor of the well-praised entry-level in-ear headphone, CHU.As a new generation of an entry-level killers, CHU has obtained countless positive feedback, while Jiu is an earphone that has been further optimized by digital signal processing through DSP.

3. The diaphragm utilizes PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology, in which titanium metal is deposited on polymer film to form nanometer-sized crystals on its surface layer and then integrally molded.

4. Adopting the Aria's decentralized dynamic structure, the high-performance 10mm composite cavity with high-frequency phased waveguide leverages a N52 Nd magnet internal magnetic circuit and 0.035mm ultra-thin imported CCAW sound coil to obtain high energy conversion efficiency, and deliver outstanding performance with full dynamic range and rich details.

5. Relying on the excellent physical acoustic design and optimized DSP, Jiu produces an incomparable frequency response curve in line with the VDSF Target Response[1].

6. The metal outer cavity is manufactured from alloy materials using melting and injection molding technology, thus creating a stable, precise, and esthetically pleasing cavity that is both durable and reliable.

7. JIU adopts a versatile USB-C port, and it can be easily connected to phones, laptops, or computers to meet a variety of needs.


Model: JIU In-ear Monitors

Housing: Zinc Alloy

Driver: 10mm High-performance Dynamic Driver

Diaphragm: Titanium-plated Diaphragm

Coil: 0.035mm Ultra-thin - Black CCAW

Magnetic Circuit: N52 Magnetic High-performance Internal Magnetic Circuit

Acoustic Filter: Patented Anti-blocking (Anti-imbalanced) Filter

Sensitivity: 110dB/Vrms(@1kHz)

THD: THD@1kHz≤1%

Frequency Response: 10Hz -35kHz (IEC61094, Free-field)

Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (IEC60318-4, -3dB)


1. [JIU] earphone * 1

2. Cable tie * 1

3. Storage bag * 1

4. Ear hook * 2

5. Spring tips * 3 pais (S, M, L)

6. Manual * 1

7. QC Certificated card * 1