Redesigned 8 Driver Triple Crossover Architecture

MOONDROP S8 has its crossover redesigned. Features Sonion37 series dual driver with added backvolume, Knowles SWFK dual high, in her most crucial midrange is 2 of our proprietary customized Softears D-MID-B dual drivers. Its triple crossover changes respectively, tuned with precision for audible prominence.

Selected High/Low Frequency Drivers

For the bass driver, we selected an extra backvolume version of their distinguishing vented bass receiver, so the diaphragm is more "Free To Move" compared to typical closed balanced armature unit while still less distorted than normal vented drivers. This endues S8 with a deep bass response, like that of dynamic driver but faster transient. Treble is handled by Knowles SWFK. With its relatively low distortion and high cutoff frequency, it provides a flat, smooth and detailed treble tone under the aid of adequate circuit and become the hardware fundamentals for S8’s eminent treble performance.

Proprietary Customized Midrange Driver For “MOONDROP” Style Midrange Tuning

Succeeding the persistence on distinct midrange tuning that passed down from previous A8 model we customize our own mid balanced armature driver. This driver has a frequency response that’s highly compliant with VDSF Target response and has ultra low distortion. We elevate its performance further with circuitry that focus on easier-drive and more natural sound. You will hear a mild, gentle vocal and mid-high performance, more natural tone and sound imaging on S8 compared to A8 model.

6N OCC Internal Wiring

Concerning the specific demand for Hi-fi market, we tailored 6N litz structure internal wiring for products with removable cable design and solder them with solde

Unblemished Craftsmanship

Every set of S8 was handmade by trained craftsman fro group up. Housing, From PCB soldering, wiring assembling, fabricating, polishing, every step is subject to high standard quality control. Such standard defines our answer to craftsmanship. You can tell it just by a glimpse into her clear housing with barely any imperfection. Such pursue doesn't limit to the crafting process. Every set of S8 has gone through 4 acoustic test to ensure their sound consistency.

Efficient And Accurate Crossover Design

Efficient And Accurate Crossover DesignThrough 3 separate designed sound tube and crossover PCB, we masterfully arange 8 driver in their respective frequency range with compliance to designed VDSF Target response for S8. The initial target for S8, more natural tone, affluent and rich details and deep, while relaxed bass, gets actualized by this design.

One typical "Inconformity" for multi driver IEM is usually caused by phase inconsistency between drivers caused by underdeveloped corssover circuilts, this inconsistency makes the soundstage and tone of different drivers unable to be in accord.​

Our product design always keep phase in mind. S8's phase measurement graph above shows high phase consistency, almost free of phase shift caused by crossover. This gives S8 the potential to give natural, lifelike soundstage without any emptiness, smooth tone without strange "Spitting" sound from different drivers and avoided this common flaw among multi driver IEMs

0.78-2Pin Universal Connector

The MOONDROP S8 continues to use 2-pin 0.78mm universal connector, that means in compatiable with most IEM cables on the market. (Please contact our CS for more info). If you're not satisfied with the performance of original cable, you can easily upgrade, Additionally, the 2-pin 0.78mm connector on S8 also compatiable with MOONDROP Bluetooth cable (with built in mic), this allows you to have multiple choise with different use scenario.


Impedance: 16Ω±15%@1Khz
Frequency: Response 20-40kHz
Effective FR: 20-20kHz
Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms
Channel Mismatch: ±1dB

Drivers: Dual High, Quad Mid, Dual Low.
Socket: 0.78 2pin flat(Legacy Westone)
Housing: Medical UV Acrylic
Cable: Litz 6N OFC 1/8" Jack


1. The newly designed 8-driver three-frequency crossover architecture, 3 kinds of 8pcs balanced armature drivers are responsible for their respective bands accurately to fit VDSF Target well.

2. There is no phase difference between the whole frequency bands due to the frequency crossover circuit, which has a highly phase consistency.

3. Adapting the customized mids driver, make sure that the frequency and amplitude response characteristics are highly in line with VDSF target and excellent distortion performance.

4. 6N OCC single crystal copper core.

5. Handmade polishing explains the exquisite craftsmanship.


Impedance: 16Ω ±15% @1kHz
Frequency response range: 20-40kHz
Effective frequency response: 20-20kHz
Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms
Quality control range: ±1dB
Driver: 2 highs + 4 mids +2 bass
Cable port: 0.78 2pin
Cavity: UV molding of medical resin
Cable: Litz 4N OFC
Plug: 3.5mm


1. S8 earphone * 1
2. Litz 4N purity oxygen-free copper earphone cable * 1
3. Aviation adapter * 1
4. Storage bag * 1
5. Silicon ear-tips * 6 pairs (S, M, L)
6. QC Certificate * 1
7. Manual * 1