Stellar Shiny Painted

In order to demonstrate a deep, luminous impression of the night sky, we painted starfield with a special paint. It not only glitters with shimmering glimmers, but also varies its color with different light angles.

Super Aligned Carbon Nanotube Array

Super Aligned Carbon Nanotube Array is a applied technology which China is taking pride in. starfield's diaphragm weave cabon nanotube arrays in PET mambranes, So this 6um(0.006mm) diaphragm features superior stiffness and toughness, providing airy and analytical high frequencies.

Gold Plated Brass Double Housing

Gold plated brass innner chamber assembles all the pressure relieving vents on the basket and utilize them to control the air damping of diaphragm. So you can hear more balanced energy and smooth transition throughout the audio spectrum.

Lightweight, High Performance Transducer

Inner Magnet structure with rubidium magnet is coupled by Daikoku CCAW coil for optimum transient response and dynamic range. This makes starfield sounds analytical and lively.

If You Can Trap Stars Into A IEM Wire...

Starfield comes with 24AWG OFC Litz copper cable to preserve the detail and dynamic of the signal. We added small glittering powders into the outer insulation of cable. You can see subtle, shimmering starlight as you look carefully into the braids.

Neutral, While Musical

Backed by our experience in dynamic IEM design, starfield boast of a protruding acousticcal measurements with superior width of frequency response and its low distortion throughout the spectrum. Not just that,  Starfield inherited a balanced frequency response from its sister model, KXXS and produces a warmer, softer timbre. Different from KXXS's sharp transient, accurate soundstage and analytical detail, Starfield emphasize more on delicate, soft, subtle style, while finding a critical balance on neutrality and musicality and have its sound quality preserved.

One IEM, Multiple Styles

Starfield continue to use 0.78mm 2pin socket to satisfy your need for expand functions or play around in a better way. You can always change cable to your liking if you are not satisfied with our stock cable. If you want to escape shackling of cables at your sport times, "Little Black" bluetooth wire(sold separately) can always transfer your starfield into a wonderfully sounding wireless IEM.


Driver Config: 10mm super aligned CNT array dynamic driver with dual chamber
Cable: 24AWG Litz 4N OFC
Socket: 0.78mm 2 pin
Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms(@1kHz)
Impedance: 32Ω±15%(@1kHz)
Frequency Response: 10Hz-36000Hz(Free Field. 1/4"MIC,-3dB)
Effective FR: 20Hz-20000Hz(IEC60318-4)


1. The special painting process adopted shows a dazzling twinkling visual experience under sunlight, and presents you a colorful gradient colour at different angle.

2. Coming with 24AWG litz 4N oxygen-free copper earphone cable, and the coating material adds pearlescent powder for the starry and eye-catching experience.

3. Adapting ultra-aligned carbon nanotube diaphragm, giving consideration to the characteristics of high rigidity, high tenacity and thinness.

4. Taking highly value on sound to deliver a laid-back, delicate, soft, extended and excellent high quality performance.

5. Adopting 0.78 2pin universal jack to meet the pursuit of expansibility and playability of earphones.


Driver: CNT carbon nanotube diaphragm 10mm double-cavity dynamic driver
Cable: 24AWG Litz 4N OFC
Cable jack: 0.78 2pin
Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms (@1kHz)
Impedance: 32Ω ± 15% (@1kHz)
Frequency response range: 10Hz-36kHz (free field 1/4 inch MIC, -3dB)
Effective frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (IEC60318-4)


1. [Starfield] earphone * 1
2. Litz 4N purity oxygen-free copper earphone cable * 1
3. Storage bag * 1
4. Tweezers * 1
5. Filters * 6
6. Silicon ear-tips * 3 pairs (S, M, L)
7. QC Certificate * 1
8. Manual * 1