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1. The upgrade cable specially designed for high-end full-size headphones, such as VENUS, fully display the potential of headphones to the greatest extent.

2. Through the selection of blind-listening experiments, the cable specifications are determined by the actual audition and group blind-listening repeatedly from material, thickness, pulled thread scheme, and knitted method.

3. Spiral Circular Knitting Litz Structure, 8Strand x 7Twist x 19Core= 1064Core (6N Single Crystal Copper)

4. Dual 3.5mm headphone jack is workable with the over-head headphones of MOONDROP and almost headphones in the market. XLR balanced headphone interface is compatible for high-performance amplfiers. XLR to 6.35mm and XLR to 4.4mm adapters are available for option.


Model: [Up!] 6N Single Crystal Copper 8- Stand 1064-Core Upgrade Cable

Series: MOONDROP Cable Choice

Marerial: 6N Single Crystal Copper

Structure: Spiral Circular Kintting

Exterior Cover: Transparent PVC

Core: 8-Strand 1064-Core(Single Strand with 19-Core and 7-Strand)


1. [UP!] Cable * 1